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SWEET SKIN hot chocolate for massage

750,00 rsd

A specially designed product for the ultimate sweet pleasure and nurturing in the beauty salon. With its irresistible scent, it stimulates and relaxes all senses, eliminates stress, provides a feeling of well-being and comfort both during and after the treatment. Sweet almond oil, cocoa butter and shea butter tone, restore the elasticity and soften the skin. They affect the activation of collagen and elastin synthesis in cells and improve microcirculation in the tissue. They naturally regenerate, improve the structure and protective properties of the skin.


Before the use the product is to be heated in warm water or appliance for heating baby bottles at 50-60 degrees (until it is completely dissolved). During treatment, maintain the temperature of the product if it is necessary to add the product to the treated surface. After treatment, it is desirable to leave the product on the client's skin for extended nurturing. After the treatment is over, leave the product at room temperature to return to solid state.

SWEET SKIN massage oil with chocolate

500,00 rsd
With its irresistible fragrance, it excites and relaxes all the senses, offering sweet pleasure. Shea butter and cocoa butter tone, restore elasticity and soften the skin. Eliminates stress by providing a sense of comfort.

Apply the desired amount of oil to the body and massage. Soak the excess with a napkin or wash off the skin by showering.

SWEET SKIN massage cream with chocolate

850,00 rsd

A cream for the ultimate delight and care. Rich in cocoa and shea butter as well as with vegetable oils of avocado and wheat germs. Improves blood circulation and nourishment. With its irresistible scent, it excites all the senses, eliminates stress, provides a feeling of comfort.

Tones, restores elasticity and softens.

Apply desired amount of cream on the body and massage. Remove excess with a napkin or wash off.