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950,00 rsd
Prima hair blanche is a balanced professional whitener (decolor) suitable for all hair types. Decolors to the desired shades, with use 6 %, 9 % i 12 % krem hidrogena in a ratio of 1: 2 (one part of the decolor to two parts of hydrogen). Exceptionally good for highlighting the hair. With proper use does not damage the hair. Be sure to use it as instructed.
Decolors the hair, excellent for hair highlighting..
Blanche is mixed with hydrogen in a ratio 1:2 (one part of blanche and two parts of hydrogen).


Prima Colorton is a toning fixation agent for all types of hair. Colorton’s great cover capability makes it remarkable for toning the gray and faded hair. Returns the lost glow. It is stable even after 2-3 washings, depending on the type of hair. Colorton contains no components that deplete the hair
Tones and mildly strengthens the hair. Returns its glow.
After washing apply Colorton, do not rinse, dry and shape your hair. Only for hairdrying use Colorless Colorton.
Prima Colorton is produced in the following shades: colorless, silver, light brown, dark brown, copper, hazelnut, bronze red, hazelnut, mahogany.

Cream Hydrogen

Cream Hydrogen contains stabilized hydrogen peroxide in emulsion. Due to the specific composition, the damage to the hair is minimized.
Cream hydrogen is produced in the following concentrations:  3 %, 6 %, 9 % i 12 %.
Decolouring – bleaching and painting with creamy hydrogen is easier and significantly safer in the hair.
Add the cream hydrogen slowly toboju za kosu, while mixing Mix in a ratio 1:1.

IN HAIR Color Cream hair color

IN HAIR Color Cream hair color is primarily intended for professional use in hairdressing salons. It has good power to cover. On gray hair with darker shades, the cover is 100%. Especially selected substances give hair high gloss and color stability. The color is long lasting and is washed slowly. A good selection of shades, with the appropriate combination, allows you to reach all the tones. All nuances can be mixed with one another.
When choosing a shade, take into account the basic tone of the hair.
When painting in brighter shades more than three basic shades, the hair must be decolorized, ie, brighten up before painting.
The creamy structure and HAIR Color Cream paint make it easy to apply from the roots to the ends of the hair.
IN HAIR Color Cream mix with Prima cream hydrogen in a ratio 1:1.
Darker shades of IN HAIR Color Cream mix with 6 % Prima cream hydrogen.
Brighter shades of IN HAIR Color Cream mešati sa 9 % ili 12 % Prima krem hidrogenom.
Decoloring before coloring
For bleaching, before painting in brighter shades, Prima Blansh Blue and Prima Cream Hydrogen should be used in a ratio of 1: 2 (decolor: hydrogen).
After decolorization, wash your hair with a neutral shampoo. Do not use balsam. COLORS WITH COLOR AND HAIR COLOR CREAM, using Prima Cream Hydrogen.