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Cooling gel for skin care with veins

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The preparation is prepared as a gel and contains a combination of medicinal herbs of marigold, chestnut and ginkgo biloba, essential oil of cypress and menthol. These active components relieve or eliminate problems caused by circulatory disorders in veins of legs. Marigold treats wounds, ulcers, swellings, has an antibacterial and astringent effect. Chestnut is rich in tannins and vitamin K, due to which it has a significant astringent effect and has a beneficial effect on blood clotting. Ginkgo Biloba improves microcirculation, protects veins and arteries from damage, and improves their elasticity and tonus. Cypress essential oil is an excellent lymphatic and venotonic. Menthol accelerates peripheral circulation and causes a pleasant feeling of cooling. The combination of these ingredients relieves pain and a feeling of heaviness, reduces swellings and leg cramps.
Several times during the day spread it in a thin layer on a treated parts and massage gently. Gel is intended for external use. Do not apply to damaged skin, open and infected wounds. After applying the gel, wash your hands.

Contact gel

Neutral contact gel for cosmetic products, for facial and body treatments. It is applied in a thin layer to the skin parts that come into contact with the probe. The gel can be added to the cosmetic active substances, which are compatible with the carbopoly gel. Water-soluble, odorless, does not leave stains, it is easily removed by a towel or napkin.
For external use only.
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Gel Base Wellness

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The product is designed specifically for massage treatment with fresh fruit and / or vegetables. It allows the therapist to create custom treatment according to the needs of the client,
providing freedom in choosing and combining fresh juices. The effects on the skin depend on the selection of fresh juices that makes each treatment unique.
Mix 30 ml of fresh juice and 10 ml of gel wellness base. Apply to the skin and massage. During the treatment it is necessary to additionally moisturize the hands with water or fresh juice,
As soon as you feel it is necessary. Remove excess with a napkin or wash off the skin by showering.