Nail System with a team of professional educators offers you an opportunity to specialize in different areas of nail design.
All aditional informations regarding NSP training can be obtained by calling 064 658 44 87.


The contour training program includes permanent eyebrow drawing with the Japanese method (Microblading), permanent lining of the lips and eyelids, scalp micropigmentation.
All levels of Prima Contour™ training program are led by by PMU artist and Contour™ educator Jelena Markez. All additional information on Contour trainings can be obtained by calling 064 597 98 05.
Professional cosmetics for face and body care
Skinology – Anti-Gel and Eye Skin care +381 64 597 98 05.

Professional cosmetics for face and body care

Skinology – Anti-Gel and Skin Care Eye Care

Easy-to-use gel base with shea butter, which provides exceptional hydration, nutrition and regeneration of gentle skin around the eyes.


Economic – Oils for massage

Massage oil in a 500ml economical package for relaxation, relaxation, detoxification, stress and stress relief.

CONTOUR™ – Permanent makeup products

New Contour pigments for permanent makeup with Airless dosing system! In addition to pigments, the Contour program contains accessories and care creams after treatment.

NSP g-lac – Gel nail polish

Unique gel structure allows extended durability with maximum color intensity. Indispensable for every salon work on your nails.

NSP pedikir – Foot care products

We enriched the NSP program with peeling and antibacterial creams, balm and foot care oil.

NSP Nail Therapy – Hand care products

Line of preparations for extra care and skin and hand and nail skin recovery, as well as perfectly designed manicure treatment.

Depil zone – Products for depilation

The product line for professional use, which with its chemical formula reduces the effect of pain, the appearance of redness and stimulates skin regeneration after depilation.

Ultracell complex – Anti-cellulite products

The line of professional anti-cellulite products that visibly reduce cellulite, eliminate liquids and toxins, accelerate metabolism and cycirculation, reduce fat deposits and tighten the skin.

Essentials – Natural herbal and essential oils

The aromatherapy program consists of pure vegetable oils, essential oils and their combinations. Massage with these oils is a benefit for facial and body skin.