The application of Skinology ™ ampoule is painless and simple, with quick and long-term effects, which makes our cosmetic line strikingly different from others. Home care, as continuation of treatment, is simplified, with maximum effect. Skinology ™ ampoules can be used preventively, before deeper wrinkles occur, but the best results are achieved on mature and tired skin, with incomparably better and faster effects compared to creams with similar effect. By using a combination of two different preparations, for example, collagen along with elastin, the effect, as well as the result of care, is enhanced.
Features and benefits of Skinology ™ ampoules:
• Stronger concentration of active components than in creams / fluids / gels
• Precious ingredients quickly hydrate and revitalize the skin
• Results are visible immediately after use, with prolonged action and long-lasting effect.

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